At BESPOKE Atelier we are aimed to offer you the best fabrics for custom-tailoring. So you can choose among the variety of high quality fabrics of the most famous brands as: Scabal, Loro Piana, DORMEUIL, Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canoncio, Cotonificio Albini, Alumo.
Ordering the fabrics, 100% prepayment is supposed.
The fabrics delivery time normally is about 7-10 days.

Quality, innovation, creativity and individual approach is the slogan of the company Scabal, ever since its foundation in 1938.
       In the fabrics production Scabal uses only the best materials. Only the most precious materials, such as superfine wool ranging from Super 100's to brand Super 200's, cashmere, silk and mohair, you can get a result and comfort worthy of the name Scabal.
       The key to Scabal's success is in constant research and development to improve products, that's why Scabal has always been a supplier of luxury menswear.
The company Dormeuil - is the family business of Dormeuil family since 1842.
Since 1863 the company is represented in Paris and London as a supplier of luxury fabrics for suits and uniforms tailoring. In the 30s of the 20th century Dormeuil occupies a position of fabric supplier for many leading tailors of England. Despite in the early 50-ies ready to wear clothes became increasingly popular, the big names and brands from the street Savile Row, such as, Anderson & Sheppard (who dressed Prince Charles), Gieves & Hawkes (specializing in sewing for officers and gentlemen) or Tommy Nutter (show business), were able to maintain a prestigious and elegant clientele, who appreciate the highest quality fabrics of Dormeuil. From uniforms to the jacket, from the livery to the frock coat from a hunting jacket to pants for golf, from the waistcoat to the suit, everywhere you can find the sign DORMEUIL.
Stefan George Holland and Frederick Sherry began to engage in trade of woolen cloth in England in 1836. Soon, the company moved to the street Savile Row, and focused on the manufacture of luxury fabrics. Holland & Sherry brand became known throughout the world, having earned an excellent reputation. The company Holland & Sherry and still produces high-quality and luxurious fabrics from cashmere silk velvet, linen and first-class natural wool (primarily for the production of men's luxury clothing).
       Holland & Sherry has a vast and unique collection of fabrics, which are sorted into two main divisions: Winter and summer collection (with about 2,000 samples for the season). In addition there are collection fabrics for evening dresses, coats and tuxedos; bankers to business suits; hunting, golf and horseback riding. Among the many exclusive fabrics supplied by Holland & Sherry-on Super 100th to 220th Super, fabrics from worsted smooth merino wool sheep breeds, some of which are mixed with the rare and exotic fibers (Cashmere fiber, silver mink, ermine, sable); traditional Scottish wools, linens, exclusive cashmere fabric and mixtures thereof with other fibers, silk, cotton and others.
Vitale Barberis Canoncio manufactures fabrics for strict formal and casual suits, for classical and free jackets and trousers made of pure wool, wool with mohair, pure cashmere and cotton. The company is a leader in the production of fabrics Super 100's, both in the number of fabrics of quality, and by the volume of its exports.
    Fabrics Vitale Barberis Canoncio featuring special low-key style, which has always been a feature of the company. These fabrics are beautiful to look at and pleasant to the touch. They are designed in the classical spirit and customer satisfaction, who buys the clothes not for one year. Style elegant and harmonious, far from pretentiousness and timeless. Over the past few seasons, the company has not only improved the usual traditional classical range, but also significantly expanded its range by introducing new fabrics made of wool and cotton.
The company Cotonificio Albini was founded in 1876 by Z. Borgomanero at Desenzano sul Serio, in the borough of Albino. Today the company is under the guidance of the fifth generation of the founder family. With four brands and a collection of more than 20,000 fabric variations, able to satisfy the most demanding customers in more than 80 countries of the world, and all styles, from sporty to the more classic, Albini Group, the largest European manufacturer of shirting fabrics, exports more than 70% of sales volume.

Alumo is a Swiss company, specializing in fine cotton shirting fabrics. Famed for their high-yarn counts, Alumo uses only two-fold cotton in their shirtings. Each yarn is actually composed of two spun cotton fibers, yielding a finer end-product: shirtings made from only the highest quality raw cotton, in yarn counts from 100/2 x 100/2 up to the very finest 200/2 x 200/2.
The ALUMO range includes as conmmon popeline, twill, voile, plisse, batist/zephir, oxford, and also amazing cashmerello (cotton and cashmere) and lanella (cotton and wool).
Cotton weaving began in Switzerland as early as 1380. The fiber was transported from India to Geneva, a major trading center, and then ferried down the river Rhine to Basel. The center of Swiss cotton production soon moved West, to Appenzell, the canton (state) that Alumo now calls home. Today, Alumo continues to lead the industry, drawing from traditional Swiss techniques and being considered one of, if not the, best producer of cotton fabrics in the world..

The story begins in the early 1900's when, to meet the demand for quality shirting fabric, a Lancashire cotton mill started weaving and finishing 100% two fold cotton, primarily for gentlemen's bespoke shirts. During this period in history, in this region, there were numerous mills and at its peak there would have been more than 80 mills producing cotton fabrics. At that time most of the mills were weaving heavier cloths, many contracts granted by the government for the war effort. Post war, there was a period of prosperity but 1920 saw the beginning of a depression that would last for almost 2 decades. During the 1940's and the 1950's, the Chatburn Mill recognised that it was time to change direction from weaving individual contracts to developing a range of shirtings that were supplied from stock. This move to trade "up market" and supply a "stock service" allowed the mill to survive whilst many others closed.
Fabrics produced by Acorn Fabrics - is the embodiment of British traditions, combining high quality, elegance and practicality.